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Lorenzo Gonzalez is a seasoned professional and dedicated public servant with a well-rounded background that uniquely qualifies him for the role of Hays County Constable. Currently serving as a dedicated school-based law enforcement officer for Del Valle ISD, Lorenzo prioritizes community safety.

With a solid understanding of the intricacies of the public sector, Lorenzo has previously worked in county government, gaining valuable insights into the administrative processes that contribute to the effective functioning of local communities. His commitment to public service extends beyond law enforcement, reflecting a holistic approach to community betterment.

Lorenzo’s leadership extends into the private sector, where he has held multiple senior positions in various businesses and successfully owned and operated several small ventures. This multifaceted experience equips Lorenzo with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by both public and private entities.

Lorenzo's commitment to progressive values is evident through his past roles as the President of the San Antonio Young Democrats and as the former Youth Chair of the State Tejano Democrats. This blend of law enforcement expertise, administrative acumen, and a passion for community advocacy positions Lorenzo Gonzalez as a well-rounded candidate for Hays County Constable, uniquely capable of fostering positive change and safety in the community he aims to serve.



Community Engagement and Education

o Develop programs and initiatives to bridge the gap between the constable's office and the community.

o Support educational initiatives to inform tenants of their rights and available resources.

Fair and Efficient Civil Processes

o Transparent Eviction Practices that consider the rights and well-being of both landlords and tenants.

o Streamlined and efficient processes for serving lawsuits and writs, supporting the use of technology to enhance efficiency and timely delivery.

Enhanced Training for deputies

o Require specialized training for deputy constables, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle sensitive situations with professionalism and empathy.

o Provide crisis intervention and mental health training, and promote de-escalation techniques and empathy when carrying out all duties of the Constable’s office.

Public Awareness and Accountability

o Organize community workshops and collaborate with local organizations to provide resources and support for individuals involved in civil cases.

o Establish feedback mechanisms to gather input from the community on their experiences with the constable's office. Utilize feedback to identify areas for improvement and maintain accountability to the community.

Collaboration and Technology Integration

o Develop partnerships with legal aid organizations, social services, and other community organizations that provide support and resources to community members impacted by the Constable’s office.

o Integration of new technology to streamline administrative processes within the constable's office, reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency in handling workload.

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